What Will You Read in 2012?


It’s a good time to think about your reading plan for 2012.

Justin Buzzard has some good advice:

If you like to learn and read, it can be easy for your reading to get out of control and scattered. What you read can take charge of you instead of you taking charge of what you read. One way to fix this is to decide ahead of time the categories you want to focus in on and learn about…
I made this decision at the start of 2011. So, as this year has progressed I’ve stayed in charge of my reading by saying no to reading books and articles that don’t fall into one of these three categories. I’ve really liked this method. It helps me stay focused on what I want to learn in an increasingly distracting world. Give it a try.

I’m doing this in 2012, except with four categories:

  1. church planting
  2. personal development
  3. theology
  4. fiction and reading for the fun of it

One of the top books I plan on reading is Lit!: A Christian Guide to Reading Books

. It looks like a valuable book for those of us who want to learn how to be better readers.

Want to read more? Trevin Wax has challenged us to set the bar high in the past. Dave Kraft offers seven things you can do to build the habit of reading more.

What Will You Read in 2012?
Darryl Dash

Darryl Dash

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