Review: Crave

Review: Crave

Maybe you, like me, can relate to what Chris Tomlinson writes:

I have always loved God and enjoyed learning about the Bible…But this was the sum total of my Christian faith: reading my Bible, going to church, staying out of trouble, and going on mission trips. It sounds like a good upbringing, and it was, but I didn’t have anything that came close to a life filled with an all-consuming desire for God.

Tomlinson has written a book out of his frustration with his own heart. He finds God, but then walks away. He believes he has the world’s greatest information – the gospel – but rarely tells anyone about it. He believes in a relationship with God but finds prayer difficult.

If you’ve ever been dissatisfied with the disconnect between what you believe to be true, and how you live, then I think you’ll relate to this book. Tomlinson writes with brutal honesty about his struggles and even his attempts to overcome his weaknesses. He disarms you with his honesty, and I found myself enjoying his sometimes quirky stories.

But he’s sneaky. Just when you’re enjoying a story, you discover that he’s delivered a payload of truth into your heart without you even realizing it. There’s theological depth in this book, but Tomlinson sneaks it all in through the back door. It’s a technique that Jesus used, and we probably need to use a lot more.

Crave is really a book that explores our need for more of God from a right-brained perspective. If you are linear and logical, you may find this book a stretch. But if you are creative, or willing to be stretched in how you think of some key issues, I think you’ll find this book helpful.

Tomlinson’s quest for more of God leads somewhere. He learns from his foibles and discovers some profound and counter-intuitive truths about the Christian life.

“I’m grateful you’ve joined me on this journey,” Tomlinson writes, “but to tell you the truth, the journey has just begun.” The journey to more of God is one that we all need, and I appreciate Tomlinson’s help in showing us the way to satisfy our deepest cravings with God.

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Review: Crave
Darryl Dash

Darryl Dash

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