Why I Read Chris Brauns

I love a guy who can come up with two posts like these in the same week.

Post one:

Once when we were first married, I threw a racquet ball at Jamie. I intended to throw the ball “to” her. In the end, it was more “at” her.
It was a playful thing. I was not trying to hit her. I envisioned Jamie, though surprised by a black missile flying through our living room, making a great catch. I have always been proud of Jamie’s athleticism…
It didn’t happen. The ball sailed wide of Jamie’s head by a millimeter and crashed into the kinds of stuff wives arrange on end tables in living rooms…
Holding the pieces in her hands, Jamie glared at me and responded tersely, “It was a special present my mother gave me.”

Post two:

If you do lose your keys after you speak, and you have to call your wife to drive a long distance to bring you keys (say to Milwaukee) late at night, then be sure you married a patient, godly woman who will not tell you to either hot wire the car or sleep on the street.
I did marry a wonderful wife.

Actually, maybe I should be reading Jamie’s blog. If only she had one.

Seriously, you should read Chris Brauns too.

Darryl Dash

Darryl Dash

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