The Gospel is Not Just a Message for Individuals

John Frame on how the gospel influences culture:

The gospel, you see, is not just a message for individuals, telling them how to avoid God’s wrath. It is also a message about a kingdom, a society, a new community, a new covenant, a new family, a new nation, a new way of life, and therefore, a new culture. God calls us to build a city of God, a New Jerusalem.
Remember the cultural mandate. Sin does not abrogate it..
The gospel creates new people, who are committed to Christ in every area of their lives. People like these will change the world. They will fill and rule the earth for the glory of Jesus. They will plant churches and establish godly families and they will also establish hospitals, schools, arts, and sciences. That is what has happened, by God’s grace. And that is what will continue to happen until Jesus comes. (The Doctrine of the Christian Life, pp.861-862)
Darryl Dash

Darryl Dash

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