North American Idolatry


Barbara Miller Juliani writes that her father, Jack Miller, believed that the North Americans need to see that:

…their reliance on themselves, their technology, and their skills was essentially the same as the Ugandans’ reliance on amulets and incantations. He argued that through these things they were seeking to control their world instead of relying exclusively on Christ. (pp. 148-149)

Jack Miller writes:

What we fail to see is that reliance on people, their capabilities, their keeping their promises, is a demonic faith, a cooperation in heart with the powers of darkness. We join the enemy, Satan, when we fail to rely on the promises of God to move on our behalf. In brief, our impatience often has a Devilish, earthly side to it, which reveals that we have unconsciously forgotten that trusting Christ is more important than doing things for Christ. (p. 151)
Darryl Dash

Darryl Dash

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