Random Tweets from the Panel Discussion

In 140 characters or less, here’s some of what people twittered from the panel discussion last night.

John Piper

“If it bores you it is going to bore your people. If this is you then stop preaching!”

“If what I say isn’t in the Bible, Don’t care about it.”

“Commentaries are sermon-killers.”

“The biggest struggles in ministry don’t come from the Church but from the family.”

“Jesus will never divorce his church, not ever.”

Crawford Loritts

“Don’t be defined by your gift – its something God uses.”

Tim Keller

“Don’t let the pulpit drive you to the Word, let the Word drive you to the pulpit.” (Dutch proverb)

“The Gospel Coalition is a movement of movements.”

Darryl Dash

Darryl Dash

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