The Globe and Mail on Theology Pubs

Last week I got a call from a reporter from The Globe and Mail on theology pubs. The article she was writing is now online:

Beer isn’t the only thing on tap at the local pub. It may be an unorthodox place for a theology group, but pastors who’ve tried it say a little libation goes a long way in having honest-to-God discussions on faith…
A growing number of Christian groups from a variety of denominations are taking God to the bars, launching religious-themed pub nights dubbed “martini masses” or “theology on tap” in an effort to broaden their reach.
The trend, believed to have started in Britain, where pubs are an integral part of social life, has spread throughout the United States.
Over the past year, new theology pub groups have also cropped up across Canada, in Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver.


By the way, if you’re in Toronto, our next pub night is next Monday. You can get more details at

Update: The article says, “If Jesus were alive today, Mr. Dash adds, a pub is ‘probably one of the places he would go.'” Of course this should probably say something like, “If Jesus were here today…”

Darryl Dash

Darryl Dash

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