Strategies and systems and the gospel

A couple of good quotes this morning on the gospel and ministry.

First, from R.C. Sproul in the latest edition of The White Horse Inn:

The American church is so much seduced by being successful, by being powerful, that we look for power in programs, in experiences, in entertainment, in psychological applications – everywhere but where God has placed the power, which is in the gospel.

Then this from Ed Stetzer:

If we fail to regain confidence in the gospel, subsequent generations will continue to walk away from it. Staying culturally relevant is important, and it is beneficial to minister in fresh, new ways. After all, we must remove any roadblocks that keep people from getting to Jesus. But, in the end, if strategies and systems replace the core of the gospel, its meaning and power will be lost.
Darryl Dash

Darryl Dash

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