I’m sure this is a metaphor for something

From Kent Online:

Last month, a Hungarian driver and his 40-tonne truck became stuck when his sat nav directed him down a tiny country lane in Yalding, near Maidstone and he was unable to turn around to avoid a fallen tree.
Cllr Geraldine Brown, chairman of Yalding Parish Council, said at the time: “We have been moaning about sat nav for a long time and with good reason. Anyone can see that that lane is not suitable for a 40ft articulated lorry to go down.”

And this:

We should have seen it coming. We should have seen all of it coming, really. Paula Ceely should have seen the railway tracks coming, and the train that hit her car moments after she got out. The 62 truck drivers who smashed into the same bridge in Grantham should have seen that coming. The stream of drivers plunging into 4ft of water at Luckington and having to pay 25 quid a go to get their cars pulled out; they should have seen the river Avon coming – just as the woman who drove down a farm track marked “unsuitable for motor vehicles” should have seen trouble ahead even before she drove into the river and was swept away…
Like all the others, she was using a GPS-based satnav system, a magnificent piece of intricate technology which guides you to your destination, helps you to avoid traffic jams, locates petrol stations when the yellow light comes on and will even, if you are a terminal dullard, offer you a guided tour of Places Of Interest wherever you are.
Darryl Dash

Darryl Dash

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