Dan Kimball on Why We’re Not Emergent

Dan Kimball is interacting with Why We’re Not Emergent. I’m pleased to learn I’m not the only one who feels this book is a better critique than others that have come out:

…out of all the critical books so far written on the emerging or emergent church, this seems to be the more readable and overall balanced. Their tone is somewhat more gentle than others and they didn’t just focusing on only one or two people for all of their conclusions. They do say some negative, or maybe a better word is cautionary things about me in it and things I have written.

Kimball also shares some concerns he has with the book. He’s been in touch with Kevin DeYoung, one of the authors, and says, “I can’t imagine that this type of correspondence to me, isn’t what would please Jesus. We have had some very wonderful back and forth dialogue.”


Found via Bill Kinnon’s link blog.

Darryl Dash

Darryl Dash

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