Man reunited with lab

Remember when Buddy was stolen last year? We got him back after a drive down to New York State. I thought we were crazy, but now I realize crazy is a relative term. Check out this story:

TORONTO/AM 640 TORONTO – How much would you pay to get your missing dog back? A Toronto man has been re-united with his chocolate lab, after offering up a 15-thousand dollar reward for the pooch.
“Huckleberry” was taken from outside a Yonge Street cafe on Saturday morning. He had been left there by a dog walker.
Owner Bert Clark spent the entire weekend blanketing the city with flyers in the hopes of finding the lost dog. He tells AM 640 Toronto News, he may even consider some sort of anti-theft device to make sure it does not happen again.
“Right now I’m thinking about all those sorts of things,” says Clark. “I certainly would never leave him outside unattended ever again.”
The dog was returned late Sunday night after police received a tip. Clark admits 15-thousand dollars is a lot of money, but says you can’t put a price on a member of your family.

Anti-theft devices for a dog? $15,000 reward for a dog? The world has gone mad!

Darryl Dash

Darryl Dash

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