The downside of sponsoring children

From Lark News, a satirical site:

U.S. kids jealous of sponsored children
ANNAPOLIS — Hanging on the fridge in the Dillinger home are photographs of three sponsored children from Honduras, while photos of the “real” Dillinger children are consigned to the guest bedroom.
“That’s how unfair it’s gotten,” says Herbert Dillinger, 15. “Everything’s, ‘Oh, look! We got another letter from Juana!'”
Herbert is among a growing number of American children feeling emotionally neglected as parents dote on sponsored children…
The Dillinger kids broke into open revolt when their parents PhotoShopped the sponsored children into the family Christmas card portrait. On Christmas morning, their mother set out framed photos of all seven sponsored children so it would be “like having the whole family here.”
Herb boycotted the morning and threatened to “move into a shack in the back yard” to see if that re-captured his parents’ attention. His sister Emily threatened to seek wealthy sponsor parents to help her buy an iPod and flip phone. She even created a profile sheet of herself, with a photograph.
Their parents dismissed the children’s outbursts, then talked of inviting the sponsored children to the next family reunion.
“I hope the Hondurans make it,” says Herb. “Then our relatives can see how crazy things have gotten around here.”

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Darryl Dash

Darryl Dash

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