How blogs are changing

My siblings told me, just a few weeks ago, that they don’t really read this blog anymore. They used to read the blog to see how I’m doing, but that doesn’t show up here much anymore.

I was surprised at first, but it kind of makes sense, and it made me think of the ways that this blog has changed. Not just this blog, but many of the blogs I used to read years ago that are still around today.

I have a few theories of why blogs change, but it basically comes down to two main theories:

  • Blogs are focusing
  • Other technologies pick up the slack

Blogs are focusing – I think as someone blogs for a number of years, one’s greatest passions come out. Eventually a blog drifts to a person’s greatest passions, and you start to see what’s really on their mind the most. So, blogs that once looked very similar now look very different. One focuses on current events, another on theology, and so on. At one time they all looked the same.

So, I have all these categories on this blog that I hardly use anymore: entertainment, family, music, politics, sports, technology, etc. I don’t dabble in these blog topics much anymore. Most of this blog is about faith and theology.

Other technologies pick up the slackJordon Cooper once talked about blogs as sort of a front porch where you connect in a semi-public way with others. Increasingly, I find that my front porch has moved to Twitter. My other interests mentioned above – sports, technology, etc. – now show up a lot more on Twitter. I’ll often think twice about posting a trivial piece on my blog, but I rarely think twice about Twitter. Other technologies have become what blogging used to be.

Make sense? I don’t think I’m alone in this. A lot of blogs are focusing, and other technologies are picking up the slack. I’m curious if you’ve noticed the same thing.

Darryl Dash

Darryl Dash

I'm a grateful husband, father, oupa, and pastor of Grace Fellowship Church Don Mills. I love learning, writing, and encouraging. I'm on a lifelong quest to become a humble, gracious old man.
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