Does Tim Challies need a day off?

At the bottom of, Tim has a sentence that really concerns me:

I have now blogged for 1410 consecutive days.

I did some math, and that means that the last time Tim had a day off was October 2003. As much I appreciate Tim’s blogging, I think most would agree that the poor guy deserves a day off.

A while ago I started a Facebook group called “Tim Challies needs a day off.” It now has 27 members, including Tim himself, his wife, and his pastor. Somebody has started a rival group called “I need my daily dose of Challies!” It has 8 members. I don’t want to disparage this people but they seem a little, well, addicted.

Tim really does need a day off.

If you’re on Facebook, go ahead and join one of the groups. Choose whatever one you’d like: the one that would like to give the poor guy a rest, or the one that wants to work him to the bone. I’m hoping that Tim gets some rest.

Adrian Warnock also writes about this topic.

Darryl Dash

Darryl Dash

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