Kingdom evangelism is holistic

I’m really enjoying Redeemer’s Church Planter Manual by Tim Keller and J. Allen Thompson. It’s a treasure trove of really helpful material on church planting, developing a philosophy of ministry, corporate renewal, and cultural engagement.

I enjoyed this quote today:

The renewal of Christ’s salvation ultimately includes a renewed universe…there is no part of our existence that is untouched by His blessing. Christ’s miracles were miracles of the Kingdom, performed as signs of what the Kingdom means…His blessing was pronounced upon the poor, the afflicted, the burdened and heavy-laden who came to Him and believed in Him. The miraculous signs that attested Jesus’ deity and authenticated the witness of those who transmitted the gospel to the church is not continued, for their purpose was fulfilled. But the pattern of the kingdom that was revealed through those signs must continue in the church…Kingdom evangelism is therefore holistic as it transmits by word and deed the promise of Christ for body and soul as well as the demand of Christ for body and soul. (Edmund P. Clowney, The Pastor Evangelist)
Darryl Dash

Darryl Dash

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