Why missional community is more difficult – and worth it

If you are involved in church ministry, this post by David Fitch is a must-read:

I have often pondered the church planter’s tasks versus the mega church pastor’s. To me, what the smaller more organic missional community leaders do is much more difficult. Here’s why.
It is more difficult to take 10 people and grow a living organic body of Christ to 150 than it is to transplant 200 or 300 people (or I have heard even 600-800) and then grow that congregation to 5,000. Because a crowd draws a crowd. And if you have all the bells and whistles, 5 pastors and a youth program, all from day one, and a charismatic speaker with spiked hair (no shot intended at anyone in particular) and you don’t mind putting the smaller less flashy community churches out of business, it will be harder to stop attracting a big crowd from all the people who want Christianity to be more fun and mesmerizing…

And there’s more. Really worth chewing on this post for a while.

Darryl Dash

Darryl Dash

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