US Border Churches Change Attitudes Toward Stronger-Dollared Canadian Members

Canadians finally get some respect, according to the satirical Holy Observer:

“Yep, that’s where the ‘Canada: America’s Hat’ poster used to be,” says Barth with a hearty chuckle that sends jolly ripples up and down his portly frame. “The Elder Board, ahem, strongly suggested I take it down once the Canadian dollar got to be worth more than ours.”
About one-third of Barth’s average Sunday morning congregation is made up of Canadians who make the trek across the border from nearby Ontario.
“It’s kind of hard to take,” Barth says. “We’ve even got people talking seriously about putting the Canadian flag up next to ours in the sanctuary.”
Ogdensburg Presbyterian is just one of a host of US churches along the Canadian border that are having to reexamine their attitudes toward Canadian parishioners now that the Canadian dollar has become so strong against its American counterpart.
Darryl Dash

Darryl Dash

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