What’s bad about the emerging church? Part two

LT adds to my list:

The “modern” church might be overly obsessed with numbers and dollars but the EC is way too concerned with looking smart, creative or cool. There is a big problem with this because the gospel is foolishness to the modern and post-modern mind. Despite this the gospel is to be proclaimed. If we ever re-brand Christianity so it there is no leap of faith in to the seemingly absurd we will have emptied the gospel message of its power. We can deconstruct church and theology forever and sit content because we think we are the vanguard of the church. In the end we are fooling ourselves because we’ve been tricked in to thinking we are something special because we read more books and have more creative gatherings while we still aren’t making any real difference.

He ends with a good golf analogy:

Hitting a golf ball is simple but the mechanics of your swing are complex…In the end you just have to go up and hit the ball. You can only correct one thing at a time. It takes a lot of practice.
I think that is where I’m at these days. I just want to go up and hit the ball. If I worry too much about my swing I’ll just screw things up.
Darryl Dash

Darryl Dash

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