Resonate ECHO With David Fitch: Tuesday, May 16 At 7:00PM

David Fitch will be at (a Resonate ECHO – free admission) to talk about the challenges of being a church planter and pastor in the cultures of post-modernity. In his book The Great Giveaway, David uses the current critique of modernity to uncover the ways traditional evangelicalism has been captured by the forces of modernity. The modern maladies of individualism, business like efficiency, me-centered gospel, and farmed-out justice are just a few symptoms of the “giveaway.” Fitch believes this captivity has not only made the church ineffectual amidst the breakdown of modernity but also allowed for its mission in Christ to be compromised in society.

How might the church “reclaim her mission in Christ” amidst these challenges? And what challenges does such a task pose for pastors and church planters? Fitch will present just a few insights from his book along with examples out of his own encounters in church planting and ministry.

He will address:

  • The need to recapture community.
  • The need for embodied witness.
  • The need to make justice something we are.

David Fitch is the founding church planter of “Life on the Vine Christian Community” – an emerging church in the NW Suburbs of Chicago IL. He is affiliate professor of ministry, theology and ethics at Northern Seminary. And above all, even though by a freak of nature he was born in the US, he is a Canadian at heart having grown up in Hamilton ON. He has a terrific blog and is also a co-founder of up/rooted – a collaborative friendship of pastors engaging postmodernity in Chicago.

Resonate Echo w/ David Fitch
Tuesday, May 16 at 7:00PM (333 King Street East, Hamilton) – Get map
Free admission

Darryl Dash

Darryl Dash

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