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Cerulean Sanctum: Has the Christian Blogosphere Lost Its Collective Mind?:

Can we all just take a deep breath and hold it for a few seconds? Can we count to ten before we post the latest flame bait or character assassination. I’m tired of the hunt for heretics. Cerulean Sanctum gets more combined hits from people looking for heretics than any other kind of Google search. That’s really sad.
Is this all we are about? I’ve blogged many times about this, but it’s getting stupid now and I’m questioning why we Christians even blog if this is all we can do.
If the picture that some of us are presenting to the world at large looks like a bunch of fussbudget, life-haters on a perpetual witch hunt, well let me tell you we’re excelling at that.
Can we stop for a while? Please? I’m pleading now. Let’s stop slaying each other remotely via words. Just last week I proposed that we spend a month in prayer for anyone we disagree with before we write them up on our blogs as “Enemies of Christ.” Is that an impossible request?
August is a new month. Yes, it’s a hot hazy one in much of the nation, but we can bring down the temperature if we try. Can we attempt this month to write something better on our blogs than one spiritual smackdown after another?

I especially like this idea:

I have an idea. Why don’t we try to reach out to some secular blogs and see if we can reciprocate some blogrolling. Better yet, why don’t we try to reach out to some secular bloggers who may never have had a good relationship with anyone who takes the name of Christ and show them the love of Jesus any way we can? Can we try to turn the “dog days” of August into the “God Days” of August?
Darryl Dash

Darryl Dash

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