Tipping Points for the church

From deeper: Possible Tipping Points for the church. Here’s a sample:

  • Creating a simpler more modest approach to church–no bloated marketing campaigns. People in our culture don’t respond to mass media advertising because of the information overload.  That’s not to say we shouldn’t have some great info out there.
  • Focusing on slow and steady growth–making small changes every week and allowing God to produce the tipping point, which may not come in numbers and statistics, but more of an organic movement with stories and relationships.
  • Focusing on the movement over stats.  Looking for unique ways to disperse the gospel should be more important than trying to fill every seat in the church.  This may seem subtle but people can see this a mile away–having integrity in our motives is crucial.
  • Redevelop a philosophy that is centered on the non-negotiables and not on the negotiables.
  • Understand that the movement may be underground–below the radar–but that’s how epidemics really begin, with a select and passionate few that influence others that influence others that influence others.
  • Of course, focus on following Christ in the small and big details of living and being the church.

(Via Monday Morning Insights.)

Darryl Dash

Darryl Dash

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