Secrets of Spurgeon’s preaching

From Christianity Today:

Spurgeon broke with tradition and convention; he would not preach stilted sermons. As pointed out he spoke in common language to common people – in a dramatic, eloquent, even humorous way. He painted word pictures.
If there was “newness” about Spurgeon’s method, it was that he strove to be a communicator. Spurgeon never forgot that if a preacher fails to communicate – regardless of ability, sincerity, theology or natural gifts – a preacher has failed. So he addressed people where they were and spoke simply to their deepest needs. That is innovation at its best and would make a preacher effective in any age.

For those of us who know a little about Spurgeon, it’s easy to forget that he was considered crude and relevant in his day. Not a bad model to follow overall.

Darryl Dash

Darryl Dash

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