How can they not intervene

When I was a kid, I remember wondering how the world could have let the Holocaust happen. I think I understand a bit more now. We repeat this mistake all the time.

I’m watching Hotel Rwanda tonight. I’ve procrastinated because I knew it would be brutal. The most haunting line so far comes after a U.S. journalist films people being massacred. The following is an exchange between the hotel manager (Paul Rusesabagina) and the journalist:

Paul Rusesabagina: I am glad that you have shot this footage, and that the world will see it. It is the only way we have a chance that people might intervene.
Journalist: Yeah, and if no one intervenes, it’s still a good thing to show?
Paul Rusesabagina: [Surprised] How can they not intervene when they witness such atrocities?
Journalist: I think if people see this footage, they’ll say, “Oh God, that’s horrible!” and then go on eating their dinners.

Update: Example found here – “In Congo, 1,000 die per day: Why isn’t it a media story?”

Darryl Dash

Darryl Dash

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