The exact moment my jaw dropped

As I read Carson’s book:

In separate chapters McLaren explains (to use the subtitle of the book) “Why I am a missional + evangelical + post/protestant + liberal/conservative + mystical/poetic + biblical + charismatic/contemplative + fundamentalist/calvinist + anabaptist/anglican + methodist + catholic + green + incarnational + depressed-yet-hopeful + emergent + unfinished Christian.” I have read these chapters with considerable care, and I must try to explain a little of why this is an attractive + manipulative + funny + sad + informed + ignorant + winsome + outrageous + penetrating + resoundingly false + stimulating + silly book. And I have used each of these words with more precision than McLaren has used with his. (p. 162)

Talk about being zinged! I have a feeling that won’t be on the book jacket of future editions of Generous Orthodoxy.

Darryl Dash

Darryl Dash

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