Most clergy are sensitive introverts

From The Times Online:

A survey of Anglican, Baptist and Methodist clergy by the Right Rev Michael Whinney, retired Bishop of Southwell, showed that most were sensitive introverts who lacked the characteristics to be “out there” in the community. “One wonders about the stressful element of this type of work for the introverted majority in church leadership,” Bishop Whinney said. “This begs the question as to how effective is the system for choosing and placing ministers in churches.” …All three denominations surveyed are experiencing long-term decline, although within each there are pockets of revival, normally led by evangelical clergy who would be classified under the extrovert personality type.

Bet you Rev. Whinney is an extrovert! It’s true though: most pastors I know are introverts.

Darryl Dash

Darryl Dash

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