Blomberg’s review of Generous Orthodoxy

I didn’t link to this when I originally read it, but since then I’ve read some pretty nasty reviews of Generous Orthodoxy. To be honest, I haven’t finished the book yet, but Blomberg makes sense as he reacts to some of the extreme critics of the book:

But overall, I am far more enthusiastic about this volume than worried over it. What worries me are the growing numbers of people who are worried about it. What does this portend if not an ungenerous orthodoxy that draws ever-narrowing boundaries around what counts as authentic Christianity, thereby alienating even more onlookers from the very faith they already see as too judgmental and divisive? I recommend McLaren’s work highly to anyone who cares about evangelizing postmoderns and about developing the kind of community in the church of Jesus Christ that our Lord himself seems to have desired.
Darryl Dash

Darryl Dash

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