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This post is from the defunct blog “Dying Church”

A great post on Jesus vs. the American dream:

What do we really know about this faith we embrace? When we make web sites and TV spots or ads, what are saying about the faith Jesus intrusted to us? Are we advertising for effect? Are we hanging up pictures of an ancient faith that grew from the blood of the martyrs next to pictures of the American delusion/dream, and then telling the world that you can have both? How can we do that.
You cannot have both. To take up the “dream” of Jesus, we lay down the “dream” of success in this American culture. When we take up Jesus’ kingdom, we must come to “interim” terms with this culture. We may live in it, look like it and contribute to it, but those who belong to the God and Father of Jesus Christ will frequently, clearly and uncompromisingly take a different path than those around them. Our life will be centered on Christ as the great end of all things, and not as a means to an end that will make us comfortable in this culture.

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