A Reaction to the “Blog War”

A great post by Ochuk:

Now I know that all the burning theological issues like the Emerging Church, NT Wright, Open Theism, women’s roles, the authority of the Bible, and translation philosophies, are all very interesting and entertaining topics. I have spent more words writing about them than I care to count. They are important to me as the next Christian and I have lots of opinions about them. But there comes a point where “contending for the truth” must recognize that God must “grant repentance” to those who resist it, and then gently move on if the discussion becomes stagnant. Perhaps Paul knew this best. Perhaps all his years spent as a Pharisee debating those pesky Sadducees were a lesson to him: he had searched the Scripture diligently yet didn’t know the Word.
And isn’t that the point of being a Christian? Aren’t our lives centered on someone more foundational than our theological positions? Is there any encouragement that comes from this? Any comfort from his love? Any affection and sympathy? Is it possible that we can find a common ground, a center, a unity in Christ that allows to stand before an unbelieving world that scoffs and mocks the one we call Savior?


Darryl Dash

Darryl Dash

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