Interview with Scot McKnight

Stephen Shields interviews Scot McKnight. The interview covers what Scot thinks the larger evangelical world can learn from emergers, and also his biggest fear for the emerging movement (that they lose evangelism by proclamation). I loved this quote:

The gospel is not designed to forgive us so we can go to heaven; it is so much more. It is the work of God to restore Eikons (humans as the image of God) to union with God and communion with others, through the Cross, resurrection, and Pentecost, for the good of others and the world.
For me, the distinctive trait of the emerging movement is the word “missional” and a gospel definition like that above, which is the heart of my next book, Embracing Grace, can sustain an entire missional focus to the church of the emerging generation. I hope I live forty more years to see it all work out!
Darryl Dash

Darryl Dash

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