Attractional vs. incarnational

From ekklesia:

The attractional approach and the incarnational approach aren’t two complementary approaches: they are two different foundations for doing church. Incarnational churches start with the assumption that they must go to where people are at. Attractional churches may do some incarnational things, but they are ultimately trying to bring people in. You can not have a church effectively built upon both approaches

I know that it’s hard for attractional churches to think in missional ways. I’m not sure yet about the above assertion. Both/and?

Incidentally, I’m meeting with some local guys to talk about how this works out in our context. We are all Fellowship pastors and trying to unpack a different model from the “come to the church to find Jesus” approach. More of the “go into the world and show them Jesus” approach.

Darryl Dash

Darryl Dash

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