Let us be honest, we don’t know how to fix the church

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All over western society we see the church in decline in numbers and in influence.  There are a lot of answers but not a lot of progress.  The Willow/Back churches can point to numbers, buildings and dollars as a sign of their success.  Even though Warren and Hybels have had a tremendous influence on the church George Barna tell us that the church is losing its influence on society year after year.  The "Emerging Churches" I've experienced have detoxed church but the reconstruction hasn't resulted in much change.   A cursory glance at the discussion will reveal that so many of us want church without the stuff we don't like.  What seems to matter is what we want out of church, not what Jesus wants out of His church. Maybe it will take another 10 or 20 years of decline before we become humble enough to actually admit we don't know.  Many of us have reached the point where we admit things aren't as they should be.  When we begin to think of why we only dig down a level or two and we never get to questioning our foundational assumptions.  I think we have to be brave enough to do that.
Darryl Dash

Darryl Dash

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