Interview with N.T. Wright

This may make up for my previous post about megachurches and technology, which some of you didn’t like. What can I say. I can’t believe you people don’t care whether Fellowship Church is running Windows or Linux. Bunch of ingrates. N.T. Wright is a brilliant theologian in the Church of England, and if you haven’t read him yet you’re missing out. Here are some quotes from a recent interview in which he tackles all manner of subjects, including homosexuality. Here’s a sampling:

I think we, in the western world, have often tended to dismiss as either nonexistent or irrelevant things that we don’t understand. That’s a very arrogant thing. People in many, many other parts of the world are perfectly aware that there are hidden forces in the world and around us, some of which are malevolent, and whatever language you use for them, you’ve got to do business with that stuff… What do we learn about being a Christian from the radical words of Jesus’ call of his disciples? It isn’t a matter of simply taking a step of faith; it is a matter of signing on with the acknowledgement that Jesus is Lord. When the disciples made the decisions to down tools and follow him around Galilee, they were saying with their feet as well as with their hearts, we’re with this man. Wherever he goes we’re going to go, too. When Paul talks about “if you confess with your lips that Jesus is Lord,” one of the things he means, of course, is confessing that Caesar is not lord and that there are other lords which have ruled over you. And so the step of faith is also necessarily a step of commitment, which is a commitment of life to live in a different way, to live by a different rule.

And much more. His books are worth the read.

Darryl Dash

Darryl Dash

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