The real goal

Paul Carter, Associate pastor of youth and family at Lorne Park Baptist Church in Mississauga, as quoted in the June 22, 2004 issue of Christian Week:

“Youth ministry is still reeling from some of the cancers that were in the church in the ’80s,” he says. “In the ’80s, the church was obsessed with being popular. We forgot that Jesus said, ‘Narrow is the road and few will find it.’ We also forget that He said Christianity is not necessarily about broad-based cultural acceptance.” Carter says that at some point, the goal of many youth ministries became “getting the most kids in a room.” That is a goal he rejects… “The goal of youth ministry is not 50 kids in a room,” Carter repeats. “The goal of youth ministry is 25-year olds who love Jesus.”
Darryl Dash

Darryl Dash

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