Seeking Christ, not solutions

From Christianity Today, a mini-review of Water from Stone: When “Right Christian Living” Has Left You Spiritually Dry:

“It’s apparent that today’s Christian often becomes addicted to seeking solutions rather than true transformation,” he writes. “This addiction is making us spiritually neurotic and ineffective.” Brown eschews the pragmatic and programmatic approaches to faith, which he calls “the culture of Right Christian Living”-biblical principles that Christians use to achieve noble objectives: a stronger marriage, more effective prayer, a larger church, better-behaved kids. Rather, he believes, “The challenge for the church in the 21st century is to return to our first love-not only to the Person of our first love, but also to the way of our first love-the way of Jesus Christ.”

Sounds like a book I’ll have to get.

Darryl Dash

Darryl Dash

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