Accident and drug-free for many Sundays now

Jordon interviews Scott Williams. The interview is hilarious, including this snippet:

Most embarrasing thing to ever happen to you in a church service? The list seems endless. Let’s see, I broke a 6 year olds collar bone at a ‘get to know you’ prelaunch family event. They didn’t come back. I got a marshmallow stuck (flaming) on the end of my nose on a Saturday night and went to church with a one inch high scab on my shnoz (do you think anyone noticed?). I did a sermon high on cocaine when I was first in the pastorate and my delegate found out about it. You know, your basic church life stuff.

Now you know why I love to read Scott’s blog. Update: Offended by the cocaine comment? Fine. You’re missing the point. Scott’s not defending it, and neither am I. But in my weak state, I do find flaming marshmallows really funny, and I love that Scott (now drug free) is reaching people that you’re busy judging. Update 2: Someone emailed me to say that they were indeed judging Scott and me, but not the people he’s reaching. Point taken; my apologies. But as my next post states, I still think you’re missing the point. Read on…

Darryl Dash

Darryl Dash

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