Animatronic band takes guesswork out of worship

From Lark News:

PLANO ó On Sunday morning at High Valley Community Church, the curtains part to reveal a 10-piece band of mannequins which springs to life at the touch of a button. “Good morning everybody!” says lead animatron “Steve,” a male mannequin with blond hair and a beaming smile. “Let’s worship God!” They launch into a flawless version of “Open the Eyes of My Heart,” and the animatrons “play” their instruments while people in the audience clap and sing along. It has taken a few months to get used to them, but the people at High Valley have embraced the burgeoning trend in electronic worship leaders. “I thought I’d miss the human element, but these machines are so real,” says Douglas Wilson, 62. “And I appreciate the consistency.”

A new line of preaching mannequins is expected soon.

Darryl Dash

Darryl Dash

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