Christian Comics Find Redemption for Up to $500

From Reuters:

Jack T. Chick has been practically giving away his pocket-sized Christian comic books for 40 years, but some fans are willing to redeem certain titles for as much as $500. These ubiquitous gospel tracts feature a dramatic story line that typically ends with an ultimatum: “The Bible says there’s only one way to heaven! Nobody else can save you. Trust Jesus today!” The covers, in black-and-white plus another color, have titles like “The Word Became Flesh,” “The True Path” and “Allah Had No Son”… Surprisingly, many collectors do not subscribe to the fire-and-brimstone philosophy contained in the booklets, which condemn the Vatican as a tool of Satan, portray Allah as a pre-Islamic moon-god and liken Freemasons to sorcerers. Even humanitarian missionaries who focus on doing good deeds instead of spreading God’s Word would be sent to hell, according to tracts like “Flight 144” and “Reverend Wonderful.”

This takes me way back to my past. I even heard Jack Chick speak at Massey Hall once. I could have been rich. Who needs hockey cards when you have a Chick rookie tract.

Darryl Dash

Darryl Dash

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