Rethinking the weekend event

Ron Martoia writes:

I think there is a question that is going to dominate much of our staff  time for some months to come.  the question is something like this… what would the church look like, or how would it be reconfigured if we took even half of the our staff, money and creative resources away from the weekend event and instead spent those resources on creating ìout thereì spiritual conversation zones that may in fact turn into ìchurchì for some people?  what would that look like? there will be huge resistance to this initially.  but with all new paradigms that is true.  our weekend events are extrabiblical models, not something perscribed by a heavenly unwritten rule, and certainly not from the bible.  local chuch viability into the next several decades will call for us wrestling with and then implementing the answer to that question….we will see. (March 24 entry)

Not a bad question. Ron’s essentially asking what would happen if a church was just as concerned about what happens out there as in here. That’s worth thinking about.

Darryl Dash

Darryl Dash

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