Pernell is peeved

Pernell is peeved (he uses a different word), and that is okay:

I will post more about this soon in a more theologically reflective way, but for now I just want to say I am totally disappointed and angry. This is wrong. Period.

Pernell is writing about the Fellowship’s decision to restrict the pastoral role to men. Some reflections: It wasn’t just men who made this decision. Women spoke in favor of it too. While some of this is no doubt motivated by sexism, I want to emphasize that it is possible to believe that women shouldn’t pastor due to theological reasons. I know this is difficult to accept for many. (I write as one who doesn’t agree with this position or the decision of the Fellowship.) Decisions of one group affect the church at large. Read the comments and you understand that many who don’t even know what the Fellowship is are moved by this decision. We are wrong when we think we are autonomous (a cherished Baptist notion). The Archbishop of Canterbury is right in what he says about autonomy:

The Windsor Report rightly warns us against an idea of
Darryl Dash

Darryl Dash

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