A Pauline rant

From MissionThink:

Those who argue that Paul sounds nothing like Jesus are misreading Paul.  Of course he used different vocabulary–he was an apostle to Gentiles! He couldn’t toss around words like “Kingdom of God” and “Messiah”–these words mean nothing to Gentiles.  He had to instead use terms like “salvation” and “Christ (annointed one)” etc. The problem is that we’ve read Paul through the lens of Luther.  And then we look through that new double-lens into the Gospels and find ourselves often confused.  What if we were to read Paul through the lens of the Gospel?  If we did that, we’d find that Paul makes sense after all, and that he is a friend to Jesus the Messiah.

Right on. I don’t think we realize how revolutionary Paul’s teaching was in his time. Good rant.

Darryl Dash

Darryl Dash

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