Seminary meeting

I was invited to a seminary meeting today:

Recently, we have become increasingly aware that questions are being raised and comments are being made…by some pastors and church leaders concerning primarily two issues. Some of this information has come to us directly; some is second and/or third hand.

The main issue is how to handle controversial Biblical/theological issues, such as the issue of gender and leadership. While the statement of faith covers the major issues, some are very unhappy that faculty aren’t required to “take a stand” on other issues, or at least take the traditional stand. One faculty member has written a book that has caused some concern. Almost everyone spoke of their concern that the school is drifting. Someone said that the school has moved from indoctrination to inquiry. They said that as a negative thing. Others spoke up and disagreed with the word indoctrination but essentially agreed with the concept. We don’t want our students questioning certain issues. Understand that I’m not talking about core issues. We’re talking about issues upon which many in evangelical circles disagree. Many of the positions condemned are ones that I hold (heretic that I am). I spoke of a different concern. My concern is that the school will start making decisions based on political issues, primarily what will please the constituency. I’m more concerned that the school does the right thing than how many are happy about it (including me). I’m out of touch with my denominational circles, and it’s only getting worse. What a crazy evangelical world we’ve built for ourselves.

Darryl Dash

Darryl Dash

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