This is probably where Microsoft could use a sense of humor

From ZDNet UK:

Microsoft is threatening teenage software writer Mike Rowe with legal action for registering and using the domain name Microsoft has set its lawyers onto a 17-year-old software writer from Vancouver, called Mike Rowe, because he has registered, which the company said infringes on its copyright.

Come on, the guy’s name really is Mike Rowe. Does Microsoft really need this kind of negative PR? Update: Okay, this is what Microsoft should have done. They should have told the guy, “Look, we think what you’ve done is funny, but we have no choice about defending our trademark. But we want to make this painless, so let us pay you your costs and a little bit extra. Say, do you have an X-Box? How many would you like?” This might have played a little better. Update 2: That’s better:

“We do take our trademark seriously but maybe in this case a little too seriously,” said Jim Desler, of Microsoft’s corporate communications department at head office in Redmond, Wash. Mr. Desler said the company recognizes the spirit in which the young entrepreneur had registered the domain name and was reconsidering its earlier legal moves. The corporation wanted to resolve the matter soon, he said, and is willing to “circle back” on the issue.
Darryl Dash

Darryl Dash

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