David Finch has some notes from Catalyst (Catalyst: Day 2; Catalyst Update 1; Blogging from Atlanta):

I’ve survived two days of church marketing, tips, tricks and tools, but also left with words and thoughts to meditate on and consider. Guys like Eldredge, McLaren, and McManus where both inspiring, encouraging as well as thought provoking. However, the guy that shocked me was John Maxwell. When I think of John Maxwell I have thoughts of leadership tools, success and motivational speaking. I can’t recall of any of his books that I own, but as I listened to his talk to conclude the convergence my heart was effected. John began to outline the transitional phase between the institutional way of doing things in to more of a kingdom expression. While he didn’t actually use these words, he did base is whole talk on this foundational point, “The desire to do something for God was greater than the desire for God to something in him.” He began to lay out this phase of transition and I thought that I was so relevant to those that find themselves emerging into new expressions of faith that I wanted to make it available.

Wade Hodges also has some notes (Catalyst Day 2, Catalyst). He mentions that a couple of speakers threw a curveball:

Pine and Gilmore spoke about their book, The Experience Economy. They got up and gave the summary of their book and then essentially said, “This is a book about business not church. Stop trying to make church into a business. The church should stop trying to pedal experiences and should start proclaiming the truth of the gospel. To the degree that churches are involved in commerce of any kind the less authentic they will appear to be.”

Also: heckling at Catalyst. Cool.

Darryl Dash

Darryl Dash

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