Poor or Rich

This post is from the defunct blog “Dying Church”

Anita Van Ingen of Moving Godward has a parable on her site regarding poor churches and prosperity churches.

PONDERINGS: A Man and A Woman The stage is dark. As two columns of light emerge from the darkness, a man stands in the light on the right side and a woman appears in the other column of light on the left. The man looks at the woman and notices her tattered clothing. To save her from embarrassment over her appearance, he quickly turns his back to her. He gracefully moves aside his suit jacket, and then hides his hands in his trouser pockets. He appears to have an internal debate. Then, he turns forward and glances over his right shoulder at the woman. He says, "Hello. How are you? My name is the Church of Prosperity. What is your name?" She pulls a ragged shawl over her shoulders to ward off the cold, and turns to face him. "I am the Poor Church," she answers calmly. His eyes concentrate on the floor in front of him as he begins his accusation, "I know of you. I have been called "Greed Christianity" by the Poor Church." "I also know of you." she replies. Her soft voice is steady. "I have been called a failure by the Church of Prosperity." "Well, just look around you. The townspeople point to me as evidence of God's power," the man shifts his feet a little toward her to speak. "They come to my door with television cameras to get my opinion." "The townspeople use me as a servant. I suffer much, and they repay me little." Her eyes dart as if images are appearing in the dark. For a short minute, she hides her eyes behind a hand, and then wipes them dry. A droplet of water collects in his eye as his face softens with compassion; he offers his method as a suggestion. "The Church of Prosperity makes bold statements of faith, and names those things we want as we stand before God. See where we are now!" "The Poor Church is seeking to know God's will rather than our own desires." She looks away. Her eyes cast down, until a smile begins to form on her lips as she whispers, "And we have witnessed miracles." He straightens his lapels. They are on equal footing until he thinks of something she does not have. "I am pleased to spend my days managing the wealth of Jabez. I wear his crown with glory and receive his honor." She shakes her head in the negative. "I have earned a crown of thorns. I have received nothing more than Jesus was given. Oh, I have just enough to get by, just barely enough to get by. Sometimes my pastor works without pay. Sometimes I have to walk through the wheat fields and glean what Prosperity left behind for my family
Darryl Dash

Darryl Dash

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