Bible code predicts Tenn. woman’s hangnail


NASHVILLE – Careful study of cryptic Bible codes paid off for a Tennessee woman when she accurately predicted she would have a hangnail on Thursday, June 26. “It was so clear,” she says. “After looking long and hard at the Jewish letters, I began to detect a pattern running diagonally. Then suddenly, there it was: ‘Hangnail, 62603.’ I called my husband at work. I just felt tingly all over.” Sure enough, on June 26 she developed a hangnail on her right index finger. She took five rolls of photographs of it. Doctors verified its presence. The hangnail has become “a real faith-booster for me,” she says. “It’s something I can see and believe in.” She now spends eight hours a day studying the codes, and is specifically trying to determine what the family will have for dinner on Saturday, July 19.
Darryl Dash

Darryl Dash

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