Hotel placed in receivership; Prison Fellowship loses $170,000

The Regal Constellation, a hotel described as “run down and dirty” and “the worst hotel I have stayed in” by Jordon Cooper, is in receivership, costing Prison Fellowship $170,000 in lost deposits. Inside Network ~ Toronto Community News:

A group of international volunteers that helps feed and clothe political prisoners in Third World jails and visits and offers emotional support to others in the Western world has lost the $170,000 in deposits it put down at the Regal Constellation hotel on Dixon Road. The non-profit Prison Fellowship International, which had booked rooms and facilities for its 800-plus delegates at the Regal for Aug. 6 to 9, may have to cancel its conference here — another blow for the city which Toronto Tourism says is already suffering as a result of the SARS outbreak.

Very sad story.

Darryl Dash

Darryl Dash

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