I have no idea why you go to church and what you are wedded to within it. If you read Darryl’s blog, the odds are you are a church-goer and I have a couple of questions for you. I don’t believe in complaining for complainings sake. This week I’ve noticed two bloggers strongly committed to their local fellowship, (and who would probably fall into the ‘traditionalist’ camp if you need that kind of a label), voice their discouragement. Their discouragement cannot nor should not be easily dismissed. So what would you say to them that could make a difference in their lives and ministry? What would you pray as you read their posts? Shalom is from Australia and looking back…looking forward is from Canada. On the surface the problems they express seem polarized, but I’m not so sure they are. Sheep and goats in the 21st century

Lord Lord, what are you saying? We didn’t sleep around, and we didn’t drink alcohol or swear and we didn’t hang around with bad people or watch dirty movies and we went to church every week and sang nice songs – surely we are the best and brightest? Even if not, don’t you think sending us into outer darkness to wail and gnash our teeth is a bit rough?

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Darryl Dash

Darryl Dash

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