Gays and the church

Michael Coren keeps getting better and better:

Yet every time I am tempted to react too strongly I remember that I, at least, am sexually broken and there is a very good chance you are as well. I thank God my temptations, my flaws, are not of a homosexual nature. I can only imagine how difficult life would be if they were. There are many sins in the world, and many sinners. Perhaps if the church had in the past been more egalitarian in its critiques we would be more accepted now when we speak out on issues such as homosexuality. The debate will continue. Who knows where it will end? If there is any hatred in your heart, you have no right to speak out on the subject. But if there is love in your heart, you have a responsibility to speak out on the subject. And to listen, as well.
Darryl Dash

Darryl Dash

I'm a grateful husband, father, oupa, and pastor of Grace Fellowship Church Don Mills. I love learning, writing, and encouraging. I'm on a lifelong quest to become a humble, gracious old man.
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