This Isn’t Morally Easy

Paul Wells asks a great question in the National Post: “Am I alone in thinking this [the issue of war against Iraq] isn’t morally easy?” “You’d swear nobody had thought this issue through,” he writes. He argues that it would be a delight for either side to admit what seems to be obvious in the other side’s position. This is far from being neatly wrapped.

My own position on Iraq is equally unsatisfactory. I think Saddam is a monster who is killing more of his civilian population every year than will die in the war. I am apalled at “peace activists” who wash their hands of that slaughter. My hunch, no more than a hunch, is that war will be mercifully short when it comes. But the aftermath will last forever and it’s a Pandora’s box… It looks like there’s going to be a war. I am surrounded by people who think it’s an easy moral question. I feel lonely.

One of the most thoughtful commentaries I’ve read on this issue.

Darryl Dash

Darryl Dash

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