The Greatness of America

Joshua Claybourn writes:

Update: I’ve decided to start a new feature. At least once a week I’ll have a post that demonstrates the greatness of America. My inspiration came from hours of perusing international blogs that make it their business to beat up on the U.S. and tout their own country. I won’t, for the most part, be demeaning other nations, just highlighting things the international community seems not to appreciate in the U.S. Expect the first one tomorrow.

As one who greatly admires the US, I don’t see the point of this. Americans don’t need to be convinced of their greatness. Those outside the US won’t be won over by more rhetoric on the greatness of the States. In fact, those of us outside of the States – even American supporters – already find it a little nauseating. Josh, you’re a smart guy. Please don’t do this. Update: Joshua has posted an update, which has caused me to reconsider. I backtrack completely, and not just because he seems to have called me intelligent (although that may have helped). Here’s what he said:

Of course those that love the States don’t need more convincing, but I think he 1) underestimates the number of unfair American critics and 2) shouldn’t doubt the ability for such posts to create good debate and discussion. Clearly and undeniably many people/bloggers find the United States inherently rude and irrational. That, my friend, is nauseating. I’d just suggest that you wait to see the manner and results of such posts before jumping to conclusions. I have a number of international readers and most, if not all, of both American and international readers including Darryl are bright and intelligent, leading to nice discussions. I think it’s both necessary and worthwhile.

Fair enough. This should be interesting.

Darryl Dash

Darryl Dash

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